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Jesus to the Crist. LOL

Yo Hoes!!!

Sorry that I haven't updated in a really long time! I've been so busy and school is almost over!! So I'll update since tonight was very fun, and maybe a little dramatic, at times. =/ lol

Ok, So of course I went to school and I didn't have to go to BMP. Hecckkk yesss. I'm done with that shii0t. . .So then I got home and did nothing really, but I talked online and decided I wanted to go to the movies after much thinking cuz I didn't feel good. . .

So then I got ready for los cines. . When I got there, I talked to mii accent friends and a lot of people were there like, Reagan, Alekks, Sosa, Laura, Alissa, Maria, Leon, Val, KeLLay, Isabella, Richard, Seth, Kayla, Shellby, Anthony and much more I cannot think of the rest at the moment.

So then there was a bunch of drama between everyone. . .basically between Sosa, Reagan and Jenee. . I'm sorry all of this had to happen. People were talking so much crap and I guess I was too and I'm sorry.

I told some people a secret of mine, and then I thought I could trust them and that they would believe me, I mean why would I lie about something like that???!?!? WTF. I really don't care anything, because I'm tired of all this shit and all this effin drama. So. . .all I have to say is, SHOVE IT.

Honestly, I mean. . whats up with people starting shit and drama? Last days of school!! RING A BELL. . . . .? Guess not.

Welll, then I hung out with people, and Sosa's mom came and picked us up and brought me and my bro home. . .when I got home,I went on the computer and talked and shit. . .and I cried for about. . .don't kno how long, cried myself to sleep. .

Today I woke up and went to the pool with my brother, tanned and thats about it. Came back home and ate like crazy. I'm such a fatass. .

Well I'm out, cuz I got to go punch the FUCK outta something before I go crazy and I need to have a good cry.

I love you guys so much. . .you KNO who you ARE. . .<33

JeNsTa. . .
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