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27 April
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Really ??
aim, alex rodriguez, all-stars, ambercrombie, american eagle, anti-red sox, arod, babe ruth, baseball, being annoying, being loud, bernie williams, black people, boys, bronx, bronx bombers, califonia, catchers, celicas, cheering, cheese, chicken, chicken quesadillas, chocolate, clothes, colin ferral, computers, converses, dancing, david, degrassi, derek jeter, derek jeter's ass, dogs, dreams, espn, eyeliner, felix, felix trinidad, food, franco, friends, gary sheffield, gavilan view middle school, glitter, golden glove awards, grand slams, green-day, gummi worms, haters, historic moments, hollister, home runs, homers, infielders, into the bleachers, legacy, legends, legends field, lipgl0ss, lipgloss, long balls, love of the game, loyalty, major league baseball, make up, makeup, making shirts, making-out, marcelo, mashed potatoes, max my dog, mean girls, mike mussina, mini skirts, mini-skirts, mlb, money, movies, mtv, munich, mustangs, my chemical romance, nail polish, napoleon dynamite, navy, new york, new york city, new york state, new york yankees, new yorkers, nyy, offense, oldies, pants, peppers, pictures, pillows, pink, pinstripes, pool, puerto rican boys, puerto rican food, puerto rico, purple, rbis, ribbon, richard, rock music, scarey movies, series, sex, shoes, skater boys, smirnoff, sneaking out, socks, softball, sports, spring training, starburst, stars, sticky notes, streaks, strikeouts, sugar, switchfoot, t.v, tanktops, team, teamwork, the bronx, the mall, the sims, the summer, thongs, tino martinez, tongue rings, umpires, upper deck, whores, will smith, winning, world records, world series, yankees, yanks,