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On the phone withhh Fetsss!!! BFF!!! Love yooouuu!!!!!!!

Hey Losers. . . . .

I've decided not to make my journal Friends only. I could care less who the fuck reads it.

I hate Pillsburry Doe Hoe and Colgate extra white, they are such tattle tails and they should go die in a hole ! LOL

Today was mothers day! Happy Mothers Day!! That makes me think of my mommy and how much I miss her =/

Well today was fun other then that. My fucking parents woke me up at like 11:00 which is early and they made me clean up the fucking bathroom cuz my dad's cousins were coming over. I was like ummmm WTF? Hahah So me and my brother cleaned the bathroom and chyaa.

Then I cleaned up my room for a little and got tired of it so I did noting, I ate 2 fucking packs of donuts. BLAH. I am SUCH Fatass. On top of that I ate like 395857498794757975497984y9443987589 Cheese sticks. Hahah, my dad was putting up his "surround speakers" haha wut a fag.

I watched meet the fockers last night for the first time. I was cracking UP SO HARD!! Ass. . .HOOOOOOOOOOLE! lol!!!!!! Gaylord Focker!! Hahaha

So then later my stepmom asked me if I wanted to go to the mall with her and I said yes, I had NOOOOOOOOO time to do my hair so I put my bangs back and left it wet =o LOL, it turned out alright looking later in the day and yaa. Ha. She bought herself some stuff and offered to buy me stuff, but I was like, uggh no thanks. She's gonna take me shoppping next weekend!! YAY!!!!!

So we went to Sams and got a pizza and stuff, and when we came home, my dad's cousins were there. . .ANNOUNCEMENT: I can no longer use the word "nigger" or "reggin" because I am 15% black and my most of my dad's side of the family is black. . .it's kinda wierd tho because my mom is a big time redneck lol. W/E. I'm 15% black, SO WUT. GOOOSSSSHHHH.

So then when I got home my fucking internet didn't work and I went physco. . So like 5000000 million hours later I decided to unplug it and plug it in again and to see if it would work and it did. OMG. I was so mad I didn't think of something clever like that before!! OMG!

Then I decided to use this little nail kit thing I got and I did my own nails. Purrrdful! It's hard to type with them tho =/

I got this COOL ass outfit from Hollister that I am gonna wear tomorrow! Yay!! It's gonna be purrrdy and chyaa. =] Wear FLIP FLOPS TOMORROW!!!! Cuz I am!!! lol

Hahah SO anyways, I called my mom today and I miss her like fuck. I can't wait to see her this summer!! I'm going to Puerto Rico this summer too!! YAY!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I am soo fucking bored Fets or someone needs to call me I'm soo use to long ass 2:00 o'clock in the morning phone calls <33 lol

LOL Steph!!! Operation "R" HAHAHAH!!!!!!!! I hope we can make it work!!! Cuz I look betterr ahahahhah!!!

I'm so happy for you guys!! "Your ONE HOT ITEM " =] <33 I just wish . . . LOL!!!

Am I U G L Y??? I think so. Actually no I'm one hot and horny bitch HAHAH JK!JK!!!

Well I don't have anything else to write about cuz I can't think at the moment!!!

Ilugsfm!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox *MUah* COMMENTTT!!! P-L-Z

Kthnksbye. <33

MucHo LoVe tO sOs. . .=] xoxoxox
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