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Today wass fun fun fun!!

Ok, So I woke up around 12 ?? And Sosa calls me at 1:45 telling me shes gonna come soon and blah blah blah and then she finally got here at like 2:45.. . .

So then we messed around in my house for a little while, and danced and play karaoke ?? and blasted the music. . .AHAHA!! IM FAT IM FAT!! && a bunch of other crap. .I don't remember.

So then we went to the pool and they were cleaning it so we we're lyk. . fuck it. SO we went to the other pool and we jumped in and swam for a little bit. There was some black people around, so me and Sosa, started to mess around. . .

Me: Don't hate me cuz i'm black.
Me: I'm not half black. . .I'm 15%. . .

Then there were these HOT tennis players. So we went to the other tennis courts and we played invisible tennis. . .AHAH My flip flop broke. Damn thing. . So then we jumped in the pool again, and this FAG kid walked like a WIERDO. . . LMAO ME and SOSA were cracking up.

So we come back to my house, and we talked online for a little while and chyaa. . Then we called Alissa, and met her at cold stones. JEEZ, we had to walk there from my house and we took the long way!! On the way there we called RAFAEL and we were acting stupid ahah! "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" HAHA. So yeahh. . .

SO me and SOSA waited at cold stones and Alissa comes up behind me and punches me in the boob and It hurt like a mother fucker. ..BREAST CANCER!!! So then we like raped Alissa for all her money and bought two "LOVE IT" cold stones ice cream. GOSH, I feel lyk a fatass. I ate it all by myself, while SOSA and WHITEY shared one. LMAO WHITEY, YOUR THE KIND OF GIRL WHO EATS HER FEELINGS. LMAO!

So on the way to walking to the dollar store, I drop a dime, and I hit Sosa with my wallet and this guys goes. . "That's not very nice. . ." and I was like wtf. . but lyk 2 min later, the guy comes running towards me and was like. . "HERE!!! YOU DROPPED THIS!!!" and he gave me my dime." Aww, what a nice guy.

Then we saw this cart, of course our stupid asses, thought of the dumbest idea in the world. Whitey suggested we get in and ram it into things. LMAO. So ME and WHITEY get in it and SOSA slams us into the little shed thingy. . . FUN! The SOSA and WHITEY get in and I push them down a loading ramp and it starts to sway to the side and they were screaming for me to come and help them so I ran as fast as I could. . . and it hits a wall and falls over. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was funny for a little while but then they hit their heads and Sosa hurt her back && Whitey fucked up her elbows. Sorry guys =/

So then we walked around looking for paint cleaner and stuff. We went into the dollar store and were playing with plungers. LMAO! We did the plunger on Whiteys stomach and we tried to pull it off ahah! We were walking with Canes! LMAO Alissa kept trying to find glue so we could try and get high off of it LMAO.

Then we walked around and went to different stores. . .These "desperate skaters" lmao whitey. . .we like trying to get Sosa's number, and we were like FUCK OFF. They thought her name was Jennifer. Ahaha, Sosa: "Lets pretend we're lesbians" LMAO! Eventually we gave them Alissa's number !! AHAH !! It was great.

So then we walked home back to my house, and Sosa and Whitey hung around until about 11. . .Something happened with. . .*ROAR* Sosa knows. . .She was so mad. Poor thing. GOSH. We were just on the computer and we were talking and stuff. Me and SOSA wanted to dress Whitey up as a PREP, but she wouldn't wear the yellow skirt. =D Oh well <33

LMAO. . How many times do you masturbate ?? Sosa, HOW DO U DO IT!?! LMAO! Good times. . . Good times. . .You guy's gotta come over more often this summer before I go to C C C A L I F O R N I A !!!

I wish I could of slept over Sosa's!! It would have been so much fun! Too bad. My dad doesn't let me sleep over peoples houses. Well he has, but he hates it. Sosa, you serioulsly have to convince your parents to let you. Me, you, and whitey could sooo have fun. =D

But anywho . .I want the Sims Online. Don't make fun =D

Grr, Sosa gave this kid my s/n and I think i'm gonna die. . THEY WON'T STOP IMING ME!!!!!!NMKDLTY389W574392TOIREAHT9-843789WJGIOJAGLKDOHWE

SiLvEyBoY69: hes pretty overweight uhhh bad acne, hes nice though
LMAO! This guy supposedly likes me. .PSHH.

Well I had an awesome time tonight guys, I love yoooou!!!!!!!! <33

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