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Ruby Wednesdays!! LoL FeTs!!!

Hey Hoes!!
 Ahhh!!! Today was effin awesome!! I got F'd up the A!!! LOL JKJK!! Ok, so what REALLY happened!! I woke up around 12:30 because Fets called me, and this time, there was no banging. Hah. So, then I just sat around my house and was on the computer for like an hour, until I finally decided to get ready. Then I got my lazy ass up, took a shower, did my hair, and put on my COOL ass shirt! <33 With my beads <33
When I got done getting ready, my hair looked emo, but I loved it =D Did you guys!? " 
Slimy Yet Satisfying! " Lion Kind rocks!!
 So, then Sosa picked us up, and she took us to the mall, where we met up with KeLLay and Leon!! Awww, Leon and Sosa are so cute =D ILU guys!! So then, Me, My brother, Kellay, Leon and Sosa walked around the mall a bit and went into stores. We went into spencers and they showed us cool shit!! Ahhh!!! I hate it when you go into stores, and the workers there watch you closley, like your gonna fucking steal something. Fuckers. Oh well, they stereotype us cuz we're kids! Ahah! KeLLay!!
Kellay wanted a DISNEY shirt, so she could be cool like Me, Jaimie, and Sosa, so we took her to buy one and went to the bathrooms and she changed. Leon and Sosa were making out and I ran into them, and I ran away and fell on my ass, and knocked some of the bathroom wall off!! AHHAA <33 Good times.
LOL, we we're all walking and then this fucking alarm goes off, and I was gonna scream, but then KeLLay screamed and it shut off AHA. We saw the train and I went and asked how much it was and if we could ride it and hes like yeah! $2.00 per person! Kellay was all. . IS IT FUN!? And he's like, OF COURSE ITS FUN! LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!! LOL I was laughing at him, cuz it was this big white guy. *Nerd*
 So then Richard, and Rafael came and were being retarded. They were trying to kick Leons ass which was fucking retarded. We were all standing, and some guys at the MetroPCS stand was being fucking retarded, and helping Richard. Fag. I hate how he thinks he's a hardass. So then other people started showing up and everyone was being retarded, because Richard wouldn't leave. So he called his other "buddies" Reagan, and MarceLo. Then everyone started to show up and we got our table and yeaah.
We saw Mr. WRIGHT!!! He was SO happy when he saw us all!! We all screamed HEY MR. WRIGHT! and he smiled and said HEY YA'LL!! I'm glad I made his day, although he was a total dick the entire yeaar.
 Then we all got there and we waited a little while for Snoop and Whitey. So then when we were ALL there, we all got coke, excluded KeLLay who got Sprite aha!! Then we were all effin spilling it all, and the waiter was getting frustrated. I felt kinda bad for the guy, there was like 43098535084395 people. Ahaha, but he was really cool and nice, and he had BLUE hair!!Hecck yesss!!! Kellay was lyk obsessed with the effin salt and she had on her hand, and the waiter was like. . WAIT UNTIL AFTER!! I HAVE TO WAIT SO SHOULD YOU! Ahaha he was totally awesome.
We kept hearing this BIG FAT black guys behind us, they were so cuuute!!!
 I forgot his name tho? Andrew?? LoL Ana, I asked about everyone who was there. Then Me, Isabella, Joey, Leon, Fets, Yasmin, Whitey, Snoop, Amy, KKKellay, Gabriel, && Jaimie ordered food and more drinks. It was really fun. We were talking and then AMY, ISABELLA, && SNOOP went and bought DISNEY shirts to be a part of the CREW! HECKK YESSS!!!! Whitey was the odd one out!
What it is? HAHA!!!
She was SO crushing on the waiter, because he was gonna get us drinks if he could. He also said he'd help Leon if they fucked with him. Most Def.
So we decided to play a birthday shit on Gabriel and he was SO clueless!! LMAO!! Kellay!! He GOT A FREE CAKE!!! AHAHA. CHEAPASS. . . Gabriel! I have to get you a green card!! SOON!
So then, it was all over, and everyone was fighting over the effin bill on what to pay this and what to pay that. AHHH It was SO HECTIC!!! But then everyone just pitched in and was like w/e. We payed it and got the hell outta there.
So then everyone was leaving, and Me, Whitey, Ana, Gabriel, Sosa, Leon and my brother walked around the mall for a bit. Leon and Sosa went into the Photo Booth. .and umm. . . =X I'll keep it shut. Aww so cute. Me and the crew all went to the food court and just fucked around and waited for my stepmom to pick us spicks up. Of course Whitey was the only one that wasn't a spick so then again she was the odd one out AGAIN! LOL ILUSFM WHITEY!EWW UR NASTY BRUISE!! AHA
So then I went home, and talked to my stepmom. . I tell her everything. . .and I told her what happened with me and my cousin last night.  SO she listened and yeahh.
My Step - Grandpa is coming tomorrow, he's so coOL.
I was bored so I wrote a fucking long ass list of all the shit I wanted from HOLLISTER and the TOTAL price came up to 1,246.50!! Jesus fucking shit. LoL. Wanna loan me that money? Shii0t.
gcobrachick13: nm just tryin to unblcock porn on my computer lol
Well anyways, I have to go clean my effin bathroom. .and go to sleep cuz i'm tired as a mofo!!
I'm sorry for all those people who couldn't go!! I wish you could of!!!! ILUGSFM!!
<33 Always,
x0x *Jensta* x0x
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